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Saint Laurent’s Pre-Fall 2014 lookbook, featuring Grace Hartzel and shot by Hedi Slimane.

The Crystals

—He's a Rebel (Stereo)


The Crystals - He’s a Rebel (Stereo) (1962)
Written by Gene Pitney
Lead Vocals by (Non Crystal) Darlene Love
Produced by Phil Spector
from ”He’s a Rebel” / ”I Love You Eddie”
via ”The Wrecking Crew: We Got Good At It - The Anthology (1962-1971)

… ”He’s a Rebel” was the record that elevated (Phil) Spector … into an industry phenomenon.” - Richie Unterberger / AllMusic.Com

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María Félix 8 de abril, 1914 - 8 de abril, 2002

 Una mujer original no es aquella que no imita a nadie, sino aquella a la que nadie puede imitar. 

100 years since this beautiful lady was born

My Doña… HERMOSA la condenada… Biggest inspiration ever! Beautiful and badass PUTOS

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